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Autobody Craftsman Association
Welcome to a new decade! Please note the new contact information for ACA.

Autobody Craftsman Association
203 Mission Avenue, Suite 107
POB 745
Cashmere, WA 98815
Phone: 509-782-1364
Fax: 509-782-1203

The Autobody Craftsman Association is a non-profit trade association of individual and independent businesses in the auto collision repair industry.

Code of Ethics
  • To abide by all laws, local, state and federal

  • To perform the repairs with our customers safety as the number one criteria

  • To use the most modern techniques to ensure the quality of repairs

  • To continue to remain current with changing technology

  • To supply the customer with an itemized listof the repairs performed

  • To guarantee the workmanship

Mission Statement
To enhance the welfare of our membership by providing them with education, information, and services while promoting the image of our industry by setting a premier standard of excellence.
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